Friday, March 29, 2013

Intense Dreams

Everyone told me that pregnant women had some crazy dreams.  I'm still dreaming about forgetting to feed Elliana.  How is that even possible?  In my dreams, I go for days after her birth forgetting to breastfeed her.  The nurses give her pacifiers and formula bottles without my consent, and everyone else is feeding her but me.  Maybe I've got some anxiety about breastfeeding?

As we continue to approach Elliana's due date, I am in full blown nesting mode.  I wake up every morning, get cleaned up and dressed, make the bed, separate laundry or put up laundry, pick up the living room, attempt to clean in the kitchen, etc.  Our vacuum cleaner died over a week ago or I would be doing that too.  When I look around all I see is clutter!  It's beginning to drive me crazy.  I've been worried about making more and more room for baby girl's stuff.  Since my siblings will be here this weekend, I'm hoping that Beth will be able to help me go through my kitchen cabinets and make room for baby stuff in there.  I'm also planning to have Brandon and Nate hang all of Elliana's letters and pictures on the wall to see how it looks.  Our baby showers are coming up in about a month and I know that I'll have so much stuff to sort through, wash, and put away so I need as much done now as possible.

Since April is just days away, I don't think I've shared (on my blog) that I'm keeping Joy's kids while she goes on a mission trip.  She leaves on April 8 and returns on April 21.  Paul, Luke, and Silas will be with their dad each weekend, and Nesia will be with her grandfather one of the weekends.  One of the girls at church, Berta, will also be helping me with all of them.  April will be one tiring month, but it will help me pass the time before baby girl is here.  If I didn't love Joy's kids so much I wouldn't have even offered to help.


  1. Try not to over do it Court!

  2. Hope you get through everything you want to this weekend....AND get some rest. :)


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