Tuesday, March 26, 2013


To say that I've been tired is an understatement.

Saturday:  Brandon and I went to Northport in hopes of watching Bryson's first t-ball game.  Sadly, it got rained out but we all got together and had lunch at Brian and Sheri's.  She cleaned out some of Bryson's baby toys and I came home with a LOT for Elliana.  Bryson was so sweet and seemed excited to be giving his baby toys to his little cousin since (in his words) "he's a big boy now."

Sheri also gave me some nursing bras and pajamas to have for the hospital and afterward.  I don't know what I would do without her!  She's stood by my side since we started trying to have a baby and has provided me with so much support.  I'm so happy that she'll be by my side when Elliana is born.

After spending time with the family, we stopped by Target and bought a crib mattress.  I couldn't find the exact one that I'd looked at online, but Brandon found one that was a bit cheaper!  He had a time making it fit in the back seat (along with all of the stuff Sheri sent us home with), but we managed.

On the way home, we stopped at Buy Buy Baby to register for our upcoming baby showers.  I created my registry at Target months earlier online, but had waited to begin this one.  We have already purchased or been given most of the larger items, so we didn't think that we really needed that much.  Two hours and 22 pages later we were shocked at some of the things that we DO NOT have.  It's not like we need every single item on that list to be successful parents to a newborn, but some of the stuff would make life easier.  Thankfully, they have people walk through the store with you and help you complete your registry. We would have been lost without the consultant!

Once we were home I felt awful.  My rings were stuck on my fingers and I had lines on my legs from my socks and jeans.  To say that I was a bit swollen was an understatement.

Sunday:  We woke up and went to church.  I get to visit with my friend who's also pregnant during the Sunday School hour.  Once the second service started, we left church and Brandon wanted fried chicken from Publix.  This is NOT what I wanted to eat.  I've been so consumed with spending less money that the thought of going to buy food when I had stuff at home made me very upset.  AND to top it off, the Publix Deli had no potato wedges.  I could have let my money issues go if there had been potato wedges, but no.  I actually began crying in the parking lot on the way to the car.  Thankfully Brandon knew it was just my crazy irrational pregnancy hormones talking.  Once we got home I was no longer hungry, put on my pajamas, and slept for about 3-4 hours.  He checked on me at least three different times and said that I was out like a light for hours.  I woke up hungry, but had a craving for fried pickles.  Of course we couldn't find any, but I ate my first meal for the day at about 6:30 on Sunday evening.  Not healthy at all!  I let my emotions get the best of me and there was no way that I could eat without getting sick.

Monday:  I still get up at the same time each morning, because I can get so much more done early in the day.  I washed Elliana's crib sheet, painted the letters to go above her bed, and painted part of frame that's going in her room.
Brandon wants to hang the letters with pink ribbon above her bed.  I absolutely LOVE the color "Tiffany Blue" and had wanted the walls this color, but Brandon liked the green better.  At least I get to use this color in her room now!!
This picture was a Christmas gift from Sheri. 
Dad stopped by around 11:30 and we set out in search of a small dresser.  Her closet is already full and we're still getting gifts.  I was afraid of running out of room.  We went to the Fred's in Montevallo and Columbiana, and found an inexpensive dresser that will work perfectly.
Here's the dresser
I also found these little guys!  Aren't they just adorable?!?  Unless you know about my husband's obsession with all things superhero, you won't get it.
We also walked around downtown and went into some of the shops.  All of the walking exhausted me.  We had a quick lunch and he brought me home.  It took all of my energy, but I unpacked the dresser pieces from the box and took them outside to paint black.  I couldn't do anything else after that.  I was completely out of breath and tired.  Brandon and I were both in bed before 9 pm last night.

Today:  So far today I've been doing laundry (I've never been so caught up on laundry in my life!) and organizing Elliana's socks, mittens, and pajamas into the dresser drawers.  We let the dresser itself dry overnight and Brandon plans on putting it together this evening.

I'm already tired from the little bit I've done today.  I cannot bend over at all without my back hurting or losing my balance.  Please don't see this as me complaining.  I'm just amazed at how differently I feel and how much bigger my tummy is growing each day.  I do hope that my Dad's right and Elliana makes her grand entrance a week or two before my due date.  This Mommy is tired and worn out already.


  1. Looking at your toys totally made me sit back and have a sentimental moment. I remember having a few of those for Cierra when she was a young baby! The little popper, and glow worm. Oh those were the best. I just know that Ellie will have so much fun with them.

    Enjoy your time from work and relax as much as possible. Your life is getting ready to change big time :)


  2. I love the nursery colors. The letters came out wonderful. Cute toys. J loves DC more than Marvel.

  3. I absolutely love what you are doing with the nursery. Can't wait to see the final outcome!

  4. Reading this post made me tired! Sounds like a buys week but so awesome that you got all that cool stuff!! Can't wait to see what the nursery looks like when it is finished. :)

  5. Very cute letters. Love the color!


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