Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Half way through the 2 WW

Someone posted on FB this morning about how they miss their pre-child life.  I couldn't resist myself and had to comment.  I want to be on the other side of adult life.  I want MY baby.  She missed going to the movies and making impromptu trips to WalMart.  Seriously?!?  I want middle of the night feedings, Saturday morning cartoons and arguing about what he/she wants to eat for breakfast.  I want it all. 

I'm starting to get emotional.  My hormones are going crazy.  I still feel sick every time I eat.  I got so hungry last night that I made instant mashed potatoes at 8:30pm.  At least I'm half way through the 2 week wait now.  I'm pretty sure that I will start testing this weekend to watch the Trigger leave my system and then hopefully see a BFP!!

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