Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More about Daisy =)

My sweet puppy had NO accidents all day long yesterday.  She got her first of the puppy shots and was great.  She slept almost all day long!  I took her over to my Dad's to start decorating his house and she let me know each time she had to go outside.  We've started giving her treats too so she knows that she was a good girl!!

She's definitely kept me sane the past few days.  Now, I'm exhausted and thinking about her constantly, but it helps me not think about babies.  She even lets me hold her like a little baby. heehee :)  I am going to buy tests on the way to work.  If it's negative I will be ok.  At least we have another shot within the year if I'm not prego right now.

God has been covering and protecting me for the past week.  I only broke down once over the past week.  On Black Friday, a guy that I knew from high school stopped in.  I sold him his engagement ring over the summer, and the engagement fell through.  Now his ex-fiance/girl friend is pregnant.  OF COURSE!  I should be laughing about things like this now, but I just needed to cry it out.  I only let myself have a minute or two.  The girls at work have been great to me.  They knew exactly why I was crying before I even told them.  They all lifted my spirits and got me laughing again.  God has definitely put them in my life for a reason.  They are growing protective of me.  Rachel hugged me when I told her that I had a chance of being pregnant this cycle!!

Corey:  I just checked my blog the other day.  I stayed so busy with Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl that I didn't even read my blog again until Monday. I never meant to upset you, but it's like everyone I even talk to gets pregnant now.  Maybe I could start charging people to be around me if they want a baby!! =)
I am following your blog now and I hope that's alright.  And I did block you on FB but will be removing that in a manner of minutes.  I too have prayed for you and sweet Olivia.  I just get so jealous of people who get pregnant so easily.  But now we've had a chemical pregnancy, tried naturally after a failed IUI, and adopted a puppy.  Since everyone knows someone else who does one of those things and ends up pregnant, the odds are in our favor!!!  =)

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