Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Week!

I must apologize for not posting Brandon's numbers for the week.  We are super excited!
  • 11-16-11:  2 vials frozen with 27mil and 13% motility
  • 11-18-11- 2 vials frozen with 50% motility.  
I wish that they would have given me more information, but we are thrilled with our numbers nonetheless.  His numbers actually seem to look a little bit better each time.  Brandon is now finished with banking sperm.  Currently, we have 9 vials frozen (6 new and 3 old).  

LeeAnn (our nurse) told me to come in next Wednesday on CD19 for labs.  Hopefully they'll have the results that day so I can begin Provera to start a new cycle.  I've felt terrible the past few days!  The hot flashes are tolerable, but the nausea is starting to get to me.

Today would have been a great day, but a woman at work asked me if I was pregnant.  I'm not sure why, but she was looking directly at my stomach as she asked me.  I just answered no, but that I had been trying for a while.  Maybe I looked fat today, who knows.  

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