Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's a GREAT day.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. Acts 1:8

Today was a great morning at church.  Brandon and I woke up early because of the neighbor's little dog barking in our window, but we got up and made the best of the situation.  We saw 6 kids baptized at church today.  God is good.

Brandon went to the RE Friday morning to give his sample.  They were able to freeze 2 vials from what he produced!  His count was 6 mil, with 33% motility and over 14% morphology.  His numbers were BETTER than what we had fresh+frozen combined for the IUI.  God is the HEALER!  We are going to schedule another "appointment" for  him to go in this week to see what we get.  =)

We had a full moon this week and I feel like I ovulated early.  I saw a temperature shift on my chart and even felt O pain.  It's crazy how the moon can affect us.  I'm only CD9 today, but am hoping that I'll see a clear shift BBT wise soon. 

I'm ready for the next cycle.  I will share more on the next IUI.  I will ask for MORE prayer on the next IUI.  I will not see talking about infertility and assisted reproduction as taboo and share more openly that Brandon and I are trying to achieve parenthood. 

On another note, I cannot let go of my positive pregnancy test.  What can I do with it besides sticking it in a drawer.  I know that I was only pregnant for a short time, but I would like to do something special with it to always remember.  Any suggestions?

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