Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! 
I'm thankful that I ovulated and actually have a chance at conceiving naturally this month. =)  I'm only 4dpo, but I have a lot to keep me occupied during this 2WW.  I'm super exhausted, but can't seem to slow down.  Christmas is a busy time for me at work and I have to get all of my shopping done soon so Brandon doesn't have to do it.  I've been making some super cute Alabama and Auburn Christmas wreaths to give to my family.  I'll post pictures of them later.  I have an idea about what to buy for each person on my list, I just don't have time to get it all done. 

Well, I think I need a power nap before going to eat all of the yummy food today!!

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  1. Hey-
    You prolly don't wanna hear from me (seeing as how I'm fairly certain you blocked me on FB) and that's fine. I don't want to bother you by calling or texting or anything, so I thought I'd just say my piece on here. I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about what I said to you before. You're absolutely entitled to your opinion and I even kind of understand where you're coming from. I mean...I DON'T understand where you're coming from, having never gone through what you guys are having to go through, but I acknowledge why you felt the way you did about the comment that I made. I've been thinking about it a lot and I feel genuine remorse--not just about what I said to you, but for not feeling appreciative enough for the blessings I have been given. Yeah, it's hard to get up every night to feed Olivia, but I recognize her as what she is --a miracle that God gave to me and John and sometimes I DO feel tired and frustrated and worn out. I'm actually glad you called me out the way you did because now whenever I feel that way, I think about it and it makes me realize every single day how thankful I should be to have her in my life. I'm sorry you guys are having to go through this and I want you to know that I still pray for you every day. Anyway, I'm sorry that I overreacted so hard and came down on you the way I did (especially on here). It was very uncalled for...


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