Thursday, November 10, 2011

Next step in the plan

I apologize for not updating my blog last night.  Yesterday was exhausting and I just needed rest once I got home.

Our appointment started by yet another new intern coming in asking us if we were pregnant.  Had she even read my chart before walking in the room?!?  As she saw the flames come out of my ears I yelled, "Umm no, I'm pretty sure I had a chemical."  Needless to say, my interactions with her didn't go over well and she did NOT come back in when Dr. Bates came in to talk to us.  =)  I'm OVER UAB and having to meet another new flipping intern at each visit.  

Dr. Bates started talking to us about the protocol from our first IUI.  We were disappointed that they thawed some of our frozen sperm without consulting us prior to me being spread eagle on the exam table.  Also, when I discussed with him that I started my period at 11 dpiui, he simply said that happens with medicated cycles.  He further explained that on Clomid, women typically have a LONGER LP, and with Femara it's SHORTER.  That was all he wanted to say about that.  I had my charts with me showing that my LPs have been pretty inconsistent.  I WILL be on Progesterone supplements if we do another IUI.  At least Sheri (SIL) has some from a leftover cycle.

Here's to the fun stuff.  While we were waiting on Dr. Bates to come in and talk, Brandon had a profound thought!  There's barely even a difference between his pre-chemo frozen sperm and his fresh sperm- they're both LOW.  He asked if we could start banking more sperm from now until the next IUI so we'll have more to work with on the day of insemination.  At the moment, we only have 3 vials of our frozen sperm left.  That's extremely scary to us and the doctor.  He gave us a good storage rate because we're only having to do this due to Brandon's previous cancer.  Brandon's going back tomorrow morning to give his "sample."  Dr. Bates himself said that he would look at it while Brandon's still there to give him the numbers and if it's adequate to freeze.  Now we just have to pray that the numbers are sufficient enough to freeze and use in a future IUI. 

Dr. Bates was on board with another IUI in December.  Luckily, they are only closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  =)  Now, I'm only on CD6, so I'm hoping that I have a normal cycle.  I ovulated on CD 17 the cycle immediately after my surgery so that's a kinda good sign.  I'm temping this cycle and may invest in a few cheap OPKs to keep me occupied.  Sheri has challenged me to use this cycle to our benefit.  We'll be "trying" this month.  We could be one of those stories where the couple gets prego on their own at home, right?!?  Who knows, I mean, I have a new pretty uterus!

So now we pray.  I'm praying for good sperm tomorrow, a good cycle this month, and 6 frozen sperm popsicles to give me my Christmas present because children are the greatest gift we can receive from God.  

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  1. I'm so sorry your first IUI didn't take! Good for you for being proactive & taking the progesterone....This WILL happen for you! Stay positive!


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