Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy Weekends

Last night I went to the beauty pageant to watch Laura, one of my "daughters."  About a month or so ago when I was doing the Menopur injections, Rachel told me she thought of me as another Mom.  Most women my age would be appalled by that, but I loved it being an Infertile. =)  Because we were so busy at Christmas, B had to give me most of my injections at work.  Rachel held my hand through each one.
Since then, whenever I've given her or Laura advice they always say, "ok, Mom."  They've even went so far as to call B their Dad.  It's so funny!!  I'm sure we confuse lots of people who hear our conversations!

It's strange how something so small has helped me over the past few months.  Someone calls me Mom.  I love it. =)  I got to see my beautiful Laura place Top 10 in the pageant last night and I felt like one Proud Momma.
Rachel & Laura; my adopted daughters =)

Laura & myself (however my sweater makes me look chubby! haha)

Rachel, Jennifer, and myself =)
We had such a great night!  It was nice to get to have some fun!!  I am so proud and lucky to have two wonderful girls who call me "Mom." =)

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