Friday, February 10, 2012


So I broke down and called the DR yesterday.  My abdomen was hurting, and I had noticed that I was having some pain when I went to the bathroom.  After calling Dr. A's office, they thought it sounded like a bladder infection.  There was no way that I could leave work and make it to ART and back to work within an hour, so they suggested that I just go to American Family Care.  Well, I got there and sure enough, it was a bladder infection.  It's amazing what antibiotics can do.  Most of the pain I was feeling is now gone.  They also gave me that medicine that enhances the color of your pee.  Brandon thinks it's funny and keeps going behind me double flushing the potty!!  They said that it was normal to have an infection after having surgery, especially one that involved a catheter.  I slept so much better last night and feel more rested today!


  1. What a coincidence we both have a UTI! :-) Mine is gone as far as I know, no symptoms after just 2 days of antibiotics but I will finish my 10 days of it, don't want to risk anything.

    1. I know, right?!? I even got Cipro!! I'm ready for a break. I'm still trying to fully recover from surgery, and now I'm trying to get over this stupid UTI!! I hadn't had one in months until now. =(


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