Thursday, February 2, 2012


My surgery is scheduled for 9am tomorrow.  (That's central time here in Alabama).  We have to arrive at 7am so I can finish up any paperwork, give them more money, and get me admitted. 

I understand that not all of my readers are Christian.  If you are, please pray for the doctors and myself.  If you don't pray, please think of me and send me your positive vibes.  =)  I am praying for the surgeons, nurses, and everyone that will be present during my procedure tomorrow.  I pray that God is with me and them in the operating room. I pray that they safely remove the septum, any leftover endometriosis, and correct whatever is wrong with my right tube/ovary. Thank you!

Here's to writing my last post with my busted plumbing!! =)

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Psalm 71:14