Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

It's finally over!  Yes, I said it!  I LOVE Valentine's Day; however, I work in a jewelry store.  Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that men wait until the day before and the day of to shop.  We were extremely busy, and today I feel like I have a Valentine's Day Hangover! haha

I made Valentine cards for all of the girls!  I know, I'm a nerd, but I wanted them to all feel special!! =)
Jenna with her Superhero Valentine made by me! =)

Brandon and I decided to not spend too much money on Valentine's Day this year. (Only because we're broke after fertility treatment and need to save money -haha.)
Our Valentine's Day gifts to each other
I like to make his cards.  To me it speaks more than standing around picking out an overpriced preprinted greeting card.  Also, he LOVES Moe's Southwest Grill and I just happen to work next door to one.  Jen and I eat there on an almost daily basis and he gets so jealous.  I thought it would be funny to get one of the shirts that the Moe's crew wears.  Of course the manager, Rick, gave it to me for free for our patronage! =)  I also bought him a new visor because ALL of his are Alabama and I thought he could mix it up a bit!  He got me some over sized t-shirts to sleep in, which I had been talking about for weeks.  In addition, he got me a cute bear that says "Only you." He stopped by to see me at work and then had dinner ready when I got home last night.

We had bought roses to give to our big spender customers, and had some left over.  Paul had ordered enough to give us our own roses, but there was one bouquet left.  We all split the bundle and took single roses home to our men.  I don't think anyone had ever given Brandon a rose. =)  It may have been cheesy, but he loved it. 

 Maybe we didn't go out and spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, candy, and an expensive dinner, but it was one of the best Valentine's Day celebrations that I can remember. =)  Brandon Scott Boyington, you are my best friend and I am so lucky to have you as my Valentine each and every day of the year!

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