Monday, February 27, 2012

Long Weekend

We had dinner with Kayla and her husband Friday evening.  It was our first time meeting Jerred.  I think we all had a great time and had lots of funny stories to share.  I hope that we can go out more with them in the coming months.  I don't think Brandon has anyone to talk to about the male aspect of Infertility.  I'm sure it felt great for B to be able to vent about what all he goes through each month with me. =)

 I was so excited to have Saturday off.  We both woke up at our usual times and started piddling around the house.  I decided to go tan and run by the grocery store around noon.  As I was leaving the store around 1pm, I noticed that I had a voice message.  My Mom had called and said it was important that I call her back.  My heart started racing as I began dialing her number.  My sister had large abscess on her lower back and they needed to surgically remove it.  I raced home, got cleaned up, and had a small bag packed and was on the way to Tuscaloosa.  I went and picked up my little brother and she was out of surgery when we arrived.  It took her a good hour or so before she was talking.  I know she had to be terrified.  She was doing ok until Mom told her she had to stay in the hospital overnight.  After a family friend showed up with goodies for Beth, she perked up a little.  I took my brother out to dinner and then went back to my Mom's house and crashed.  At around 12:30am, Nate decided it would be funny to run into Mom's room and try and throw a glass of water on my face while I was sleeping.  Thankfully I caught him in the act and screamed at him to go to bed.  I woke up before 6am Sunday morning and drove home.  I got home, woke up Brandon, and we went to church. 

My sister is now home and resting.  She didn't want anyone to know she had surgery.  She's not going back to school until Wednesday and I'm not sure what she'll tell her friends.  I know she had to be embarrassed.  (I left out a LOT details here for her privacy).  All that matters now is that she's ok and this abscess should heal and never return!

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  1. Wow! How sweet of you to drive to be there for your sister, I'm sure she really appreciated it. And, I'm glad the abscess wasn't anything too serious.

    ICLW #97


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