Thursday, February 23, 2012

God is Great

Last night Brandon and I attended our church's Ash Wednesday service.  Growing up in the Baptist Church, we never celebrated or did anything super special on this particular day.  It was amazing!  I feel like my heart was in the right place yesterday. 

After texting with K all day and finally getting the good news I was so happy.  After the ashes were placed on my forehead I went to the altar to pray.  My brain immediately started racing, but all I could think about was K, her husband (J), and their teeny tiny baby.  I thanked God for His gift of Life and for giving them this blessing.  I prayed for peace and comfort for K and for her and the baby to grow and become strong for Him.  I thanked Him for his divine will and for allowing K and myself to meet through our circumstances and become great friends.  I cannot say it enough that God is Great.  He is in control.