Sunday, February 19, 2012


Wow, a lot has happened over the past few days.  =)

We had Date Night last night!  It was great!  Jen & Brad, Rachel, and Brandon and myself all went to Mizu for some yummy Japanese food!  After, we got milkshakes and then went down to Mama Goldbergs to see Clint since he was working.  It was a great night!  Nothing special or fancy but I enjoyed every minute of it!

I submitted my "worst day" story of battling Infertility through Fran Dunn-Meadows's book website and won!  Only two people submitted their stories, but all of my Facebook friends voted for my story. =)  It took a lot of courage posting it under my personal Facebook page and then asking my friends to vote for my submission.  I won a signed copy of her book, The Truth Behind the Secret "Infertility" as well as a necklace.

I know that I have become very public with my friends IRL about my struggle, but I think I am ready to take it a step further.  I created business cards yesterday with all of my contact information.  I am constantly meeting women at the doctor that don't have anyone to talk to about their journey.  Now, I will be able to give them something professional other than scratching down contact info on a paper napkin.  I don't think that any woman should have to go through this journey alone.  Also, I feel that God has given me the idea to begin writing a book about my journey.  I will recall on my previous blog posts and even ask Brandon to help in writing.  This book will be about my fertility struggle, as well as how God has helped me through each and every situation.

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