Friday, February 22, 2013

1-Hour Sugar Test

Brandon went with me to my appointment yesterday morning for the dreaded sugar test. Surprisingly enough, the sugary drink did not taste bad at all.  It was only difficult for me to abstain from drinking anything else within the hour.  I stay so thirsty now!

Throughout the course of this pregnancy I have made it my personal goal to meet all of the doctors early.  I didn't want our first meeting to be when it's time for those lovely cervix checks and such.  We met Dr. Adcock yesterday.  He was great.  He seemed very interested in my upper back pain and trying to find a solution.  He wondered if switching up and taking my acid reflux medication in the evenings along with a small snack would help.  (It didn't.)  He seemed more concerned with my back issues than the other two doctors so far.

I failed the sugar test.  They wanted my number below 139 and mine was 160.  The doctor's office is supposed to call on Monday and schedule my 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test.

I'm not excited about the thought of having nothing to eat or drink for three hours, but I'll do it for the baby!

Before I left, the nurses gave me a sheet instructing me to keep up with Elliana's fetal activity.

This made Brandon nervous at first, but I'm very aware of what times my baby girl is awake now.  She is quite the mover and kicker after mealtime.  I think that B was afraid that this would cause anxiety for me.  By no means will I even try to track her movements until after I've had a meal or snack.  Feeling 10 separate movements will be no problem at all for us!

As I mentioned above, my back still woke me up in pain this morning.  Today is the 20th day in a row that I have woken up in pain that makes it difficult to breathe.  At least my back only causes problems at night and not during the daytime.

For now, my next scheduled appointment is on March 8 with Dr. McKenzie.  On that day we will also have Ellie's 3d ultrasound.  I think that I"ll have appointments every two weeks from here through the end of our pregnancy.  I'm not looking forward to scheduling the 3-hour test, but the nurses feel positive that I'll pass that one.  But if this is the worst thing that happens during our pregnancy, I guess I can't complain!


  1. I am concerned about all your back pain also. I wish that things were going a little more smoothly for you my friend. Very high hopes on your 3 hour glucose test!

  2. Seems like quite a few women fail the glucose test from what I've been reading in the blogs.

  3. Very common not to pass the first one - no stressing. xx So exciting you'll see Ellie in 3D soon, I miss my little one's face!


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