Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ellie Stuff

I washed, dryed, and folded over 5 loads of laundry yesterday!  My to do list is growing, but it seemed like the laundry was multiplying.  By 10 am I was already exhausted and took a two hour nap!  My back pain is still driving me crazy, and I'm now having leg cramps.  BUT yesterday was a great day and I wanted to share some Ellie stuff!

We ordered the diaper changing table and lamp from last week.  UPS delivered both packages last night.  I'm so lucky that Brandon was just as eager to put it together as I was. I didn't even have to ask!

He actually read the instructions!

Making sure everything's in place

Until we receive the crib, I'm not sure how I'm going to set up the room. 

Here's her lamp.  I think it matches the curtains nicely.  I still need to find a small black table for the lamp to sit on.  But I'm sure it will all come together once the crib is here and in place.

Ellie also got a gift from Katherine at church on Sunday.  It's the cutest little bouncy-seat I've ever seen.  Since Brandon had his tools handy, he went ahead and assembled the seat as well.

More instructions!
Making sure it's safe for his "baby girl."
The finished product
Thank you so much, Katherine!  It's precious and I love the colors!

Brandon's parents bought Ellie's crib for us.  I'm hoping that it will arrive soon!  All of my decorating plans for Ellie's room are contingent on where I place the crib.  I love monograms, and plan on having wooden letters placed over her crib.  I also want to enlarge a picture of the two embryos that we transferred along with a few other images from that day.  In her room, I'm trying to go with the "less is more"  philosophy.  Her room probably won't look too much like a little baby room, but that's what I'm going for.


  1. Brandon did a great job on putting everything together. I love the bouncer also, very pretty!!

  2. Love it so cute! Did you ever get your socks?

  3. Everything looks so cute. Can't wait to see what the final outcome looks like!

  4. Honestly I'm not sure about the baby gear that is available these days. So many recalls and did our parents have all that stuff for us?

  5. I love the pics! Super cute stuff!!

  6. I love the changing table! Such exciting stuff! :))


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