Monday, February 25, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

Weekends are never quite long enough, but at least I only work two days a week now.  Be jealous!  Just kidding, but I do a LOT when I'm at home now.  With Brandon still on the no-carb diet through the week there's not much cooking to do so I've been working on cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING!

My back is still aching every morning--it's day 23 of the continued wake-me-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night with severe pain, but who's counting?  On Saturday I was able to do something nice for Brandon since he eats carbs on the weekend.  I broke out the waffle iron!

Seriously, I woke up at 6 am on Saturday morning and played music for Elliana for over an hour.  Again, she so has my taste in music.  She really enjoyed Johnny Cash but that's another post entirely.  By 7:30 I couldn't stand it and I woke Brandon up to hot waffles.  (We don't sleep in around here) He was excited to say the least.

Big Ron's (Brandon's Dad) birthday is this Tuesday, but we all got together on Saturday to celebrate.

This is Uncle B's favorite person.  He always makes sure to tell Bryson every time he says good bye.  Now Bryson says it to him too.  It's too precious.  (I even got a kiss on the tummy for Ellie when we left!)

Bryson is getting ready to play t-ball and I cannot wait for his games.  The boys practiced a little out in the yard and it was hilarious!  I have no doubt that Bryson will be every bit athletic as his Daddy and Uncle B!

We built a fire on the porch which KILLED my throat, but it was worth it.  (My throat was sore all day on Sunday.)  We sat around watching Bryson play and sharing old stories.  I'm amazed that Gina and Stephanie turned out alright sometimes after hearing how Brandon and Brian played with them when they were little.  Even Brandon says that he's horrified of how he threw them around playing when they were little.  Because Brandon spent so much time with his sisters when they were little, I have no doubt that he will be braiding hair, putting in hair bows, having tea parties, and only letting Ellie watch superhero cartoons very soon.

Next year Poppa will have Bryson and Ellie in his lap to blow out the birthday candles.  I can't wait!

On Sunday we went to a little state park only six miles from our house.  We had no idea that it was there.  It has a one mile walking path around a beautiful lake.  It was a beautiful day so after church and lunch we went out there for a walk.  I hope we can make this a Sunday tradition.  I am also proud of myself for making it one mile with NO stops.

One of the great things about living in Alabama is sunny and warm days in February.  I will be working on my tan next month!

Here are two pictures of myself from this morning.  I apologize for the mirror shots, but Brandon left for Mississippi early this morning and won't be back until Wednesday.  He's going back on Thursday but I plan on traveling with him later this week.
I'm definitely getting bigger and bigger.  My feet are a little bigger and most of my rings don't fit anymore.  My bridal set won't even attempt to go over my knuckle anymore.  At least I was able to wear my favorite rings for this long!

A sweet friend of mine received bad news this morning.  My heart aches and my arms wish that they could reach her.  I'll never truly understand infertility.  Miscarriage is a whole other monster.  I can only pray that she feels comfort on this day.  Heaven welcomed another angel taken entirely too soon.


  1. I love pictures! And you are utterly adorable!!

  2. Love your pictures from this weekend. Thank you for being such a special friend to me, through everything.

  3. Love the pictures! You look so cute! Hoping the pain subsides SOON!

  4. Lovely weekend photos. Now I want waffles.

  5. Love love love these photos. That waffle looks incredible.


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