Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's 4am again

It seems like this should become my new wake up time. I woke up at 2am in pain yesterday morning and moved to the recliner for a few hours before ending up on the couch. I woke up on e earlier this morning to go to the potty and my back was hurting but it was bearable. Now it is NOT.

I don't know that I've explained well where my back aches. It is NOT a LOWER back issue. It's high, and the chiropractor said that it's my ribs. I don't fully understand it, but he said it has to do with my body's production of the hormone relaxin. That and then my body overcompensated something and causes something else to swell- and that's what makes it difficult to breathe. I tried to pay attention, but my short-term memory is shot.

Brandon had to help me get into the recliner this today. The pain was intense and sucking the breath right out of me. He tried to rub my back, but it seemed to aggravate it worse. The pain is also making appearances during the day now.

Yesterday was a long day. Not getting a full night's sleep has taken a toll on me. I looked like a zombie for most of the day. Because I drink so much, I end up frequenting the restroom a lot. Let's just say that the pressure on my bladder has increased much in last few days and I'm often afraid I won't make it to the potty on time. (Again, this may be TMI, but this blog was intended to bear it all.) The pressure on my expanding tummy had me feeling blah all day long. It was all I could stand to make it to the end of the day.

Please know that I am so grateful for this pregnancy, but my body is in complete turmoil. This Mommy will be resting as much as possible today and will be calling the OB tomorrow. Visiting the chiropractor once a week is not working and I've honesty felt NO relief from the past two visits. Applying heat does nothing but make me sweat, and I'm already sleeping with so many pillows. Any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Sorry for the length and randomness o this post. It is early and I'm probably delirious.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so awful. :( I've never been pregnant, but I have found that the chiropractor is only effective if I go more than once a week for a few weeks, THEN level off to once a week. I don't know about your particular pain though, just my experience. I have had insomnia since college, so I know how absolutely horrible it is to wake up too early. :( If it's more comfortable for you I would sleep in the recliner all night and not once I got up in the morning! I'm so glad you only have to work for 6 more weeks so you will be able to start napping! I hope you get some relief this week and the OB has good advice for you!

  2. Often the chiropractor had no help for me with pain relief. The only thing that helped was stretching exercises to relieve the back pain.

    Hoping that the OB can do something to help you soon.

  3. Just a thought... for me the chiropractor ALWAYS made the pain worse. Never helped in the slightest. I hope you figure it out soon! (And if so please post! I am experiencing a similar thing, just in my hips. The dislocate all night long, due to the relaxin hormone, and it is making sleeping impossible!)

  4. Im right there with you! I stand all day at work and by the 5th hour, i'm miserable. I take tylenol..which does nothing. I get massages every 3 weeks which seem to help, i sleep with a body pillow and my husband rubs my lower back each night. He uses both hands and presses on my each side of my lower back (almost to where my hips are) That has helped soo much!!!! My md said it will get worse...only 10 more weeks to go!

  5. Oh, I hear you. I've been blessed with a good pregnancy but MY BACK, oy. It's been a nightmare from the beginning. Lots of pillows, heat OR cool packs (depending on what you feel like at the time) and try to be off your feet as much as possible. My midwife suggests flipping a chair around, and sitting straddling it, pushing forward. Something about your pelvis helping your upper back align.

  6. I was in physical therapy by 13 weeks for my back and it saved my life. I tried the chiropractor, but he did nothing for me. The physical therapist taught me how to place pillows when I slept, exercises to strengthen my lower back, and gave me a back brace (SI maternity lock belt)that saved my life. I spent 12-14 hours a day on my feet and I could not have lived without that brace! I finished my last day of work Friday and that's only because the doctor is taking her this week! I highly recommend asking your ob to recommend a physical therapist. I went to Physical Therapy Solutions and they are directly across the street from Brookwood.


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