Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12 Appointment

Today I met Dr Ross for the first time. He was great! He made me feel comfortable and at ease and answered all of my questions.

Unfortunately it looks like my bladder problems are a common occurrence of pregnancy. Dr Ross was concerned with my back pain, mostly because it's high on my back. He gave me a prescription for a safe muscle relaxer to use at bedtime in hopes of me sleeping through the night.

I did discuss my weight gain concerns with Dr Ross and he isn't worried at all. He said that I looked healthy and was making wise food choices. I promise- I haven't had Oreos in over a week!

Overall it was a great appointment. I still have an appointment next week for my one-hour sugar test for gestational diabetes.


  1. I bet an occasional oreo would be okay :-)
    Hoping your meds help relieve the pain.

    1. I can't eat just one!! If I start I have to eat the whole row. I've been much better about eating fruit Popsicles for dessert instead. :)

  2. I truly hope the meds help!! And do enjoy the occasional Oreo :)

  3. Hey Court, I have had the bladder problem my entire pregnancy. For me, it is a genetic thing as both my mother and my grandmother had weak bladders and both had to get surgery after the childbearing years were over. Here's a few things I suggest... go onto ETSY and get yourself a bunch of cloth pads. They are way more comfortable and there isn't the rubbing or diaper-rash feeling you get from wearing a disposable one all day long. (And if you haven't gotten the diaper-rash feeling yet, it's just a matter of time). Frankly, with all the other stuff that is coming out, you'll be wearing them soon enough (if you aren't already). I got about 10 of them and I am so used to them, I don't even notice them anymore. You can also find some really good cloth pads from the website lunapads.com They are absolutely my favorite, but they are much more expensive. It is really nice to have the extra confidence when you sneeze or cough or laugh too hard. ALso, I saw a urn-gynochologist during my pregnancy to talk about how I could do the least amount of damage while giving birth... basically, I consulted her on the birth plan. She recommended physical therapy (for the kegel muscles) and told me to basically have the birth I want and we'll fix it later. She just said under no circumstances allow them to use a vacuum or forceps. If it comes to that, she said to go for the emergency c-sect as either one of those things would promise lifelong incontinence. Hope this helps. It's an awful problem to have but manageable when you figure out what works. And just to clarify, I don't even have THAT much of a problem... just little leakage when I cough, sneeze, etc. However, when I throw-up it's game over. Good luck, hopefully your problem goes away after you give birth.

  4. So yesterday at the store I see they have mega stuffed oreos, just saying =)

  5. I am so glad you got some safe muscle relaxers. I hope that you got some more rest last night. I've been thinking of you.

  6. Giving up Oreos isn't fun I bet. I guess Depends would probably make it a bit easier to get through the day with the bladder leakage. Hope your back pain eases up soon.


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