Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back Updates

Well, my back still hurts. The muscle relaxer does help me sleep better, but my back still tenses early each morning. BUT the muscle relaxer makes me so groggy that its easier to sleep through the pain.

Brandon traveled Tuesday evening and I was able to stay in the bed all night. I rarely sleep well when he's gone. I did wake up and sit in the recliner for a few minutes with the heating pad before starting my morning routine. The heat doesn't help that much but it's comforting.

I think I woke up at least two times last night visiting the potty (crazy over active bladder) and felt my back hurting. Brandon got up early planning on going to the gym and ended up on the couch. I woke at 6 am but stayed in bed so I wouldn't wake him up. I desperately wish that I could sleep until I'm supposed to get up. Waking up early is getting to me, and I've been napping each morning for 30 minutes until its time for me to go to work. I thought I was supposed to have more energy? Growing Ellie is zapping me!

Lately my posts have revolved around the common theme of pain. I do apologize for that. Nothing could have ever prepared me for pregnancy! I was extremely lucky to not battle morning sickness like most women, but the pain has been trying for me. Just yesterday it felt like my hip popped out if place and it hurt to walk ALL day long. I'm hoping and praying that this is all a phase. I've only got 29 more days that I will work, but I'm not sure how I'm going to do it. This week had been hard with Valentine's Day, and it's getting harder and harder for me to be on my feet all day.

So again, I'm sorry for so many posts about my pain. Being pregnant is the greatest blessing, and I am truly thankful for the experience. But with that being said, I will feel even more blessed once Ellie is safely tucked in my arms instead of my belly.


  1. You don't need to apologize for being in pain. We all know that you feel very blessed to be pregnant. Pregnancy isn't all roses and rainbows, so let it out.

  2. Not everything about pregnancy is glorious! Bed rest did me in most days but it didn't mean I was any less thankful for the miracle growing inside me. Complain away!

  3. Don't apologize for being in pain. You can't help how your body feels dear. Just remember it is a temporary state; I really hope you don't have back pain after delivery.

    Hoping you get a few pain free moments so you can get more quality sleep.

  4. The expansion of your womb during pregnancy is why you suffered from back pain. It also causes some other body parts to be constantly moved to accommodate the chile. Severe pain mostly happens when it is your first born since it is the first time that your uterus has expanded. I'm thankful that you have consulted with a chiropractor for this situation. You can also regularly consult with a PT so that when the time comes that you're pregnant with your second child, your muscles, and other parts of the body, will not suffer from severe pain again. :D


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