Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chiropractor & Panties Story

After yesterday's post, I waited for the OB office to open to speak with a nurse.  They were more than supportive of me visiting a chiropractor.  I immediately called and was able to schedule an appointment for late afternoon.

I was at the chiropractor office almost 2 hours yesterday afternoon!  Apparently they were busy and decided to leave the pregnant woman for last.  I seriously have issues with waiting lately and it didn't help that none of the chairs were comfortable and I needed a snack.  Once Dr. S was in the room he did a bunch of different things and then asked me to come back on Friday afternoon.

After church last night I was exhausted from the previous nights' lack of sleep.  I STILL woke up at 4:30 this morning out of breath and in pain. =(  I was able to get up and make it to the recliner.  After about ten minutes of positioning myself I was able to go back to sleep even though my back was aching.  Once Brandon got up he heated up my herbie pack (microwaveable heating pad) and put it on my upper back.  It was so hot that I still have a huge red spot.  Oops!  Right now my back still hurts.  I'm hoping that it will go away as the day progresses.  I'm still exhausted because I didn't get a full night's sleep.  Something's gotta give!  I love my sweet Ellie, but she's doing a number on Mommy's body!

Here are two pictures of me while waiting on the chiropractor yesterday.  I can definitely tell that I'm growing!

Just so this post isn't super boring and about the joys of my back pain, I will leave you with a funny story.  When I started this blog I always wanted to keep it real, and this is about as real as it gets!

I went to the bathroom yesterday and my bikini line was hurting like crazy.  I looked down and my skin was super red.  Once I walked back out into the showroom at work, I realized it was because my panties were too tight!  These are big granny panty underwear so I was shocked.  Did this just happen overnight?  I looked at Jen and had no idea what to do.  I seriously didn't want to have to leave work to buy underwear.  When my boss wasn't looking I grabbed a pair of scissors and raced back to the bathroom.  I had to cut the leg seem on each side of my panties.  Talk about crazy.  I swear these things only happen to me- or I'm the only one not embarrassed to share it with the world!  They still felt tight for the rest of the day, but it beat the alternative of going commando.  I had church right after my chiropractor appointment so I had to endure the tight drawers for a little while longer.  Once I was home it felt amazing to get them off.  I was asleep when Brandon got home from LIFE, so he laughed when he saw me wearing his boxer briefs this morning.  I know why men wear them now- they are super comfortable!  If only I could wear those today!!  Looks like I will be purchasing me some new and LARGER panties on my lunch break today.  


  1. Hoping your are able to start getting some relief soon.

    Love the panty story. I am still laughing about it :)

  2. Loved the panty story too! Yes - these things happen overnight. When I was pregnant one day my shoes fit and the next morning I could not get my feet into ANY of my shoes. I wore flip flops to court that morning (I'm an attorney) and ran out at lunch to buy new shoes.

    I really hope your back gets to feeling better. I had a great electric heading pad that my husband bought me early on in the pregnancy. I would go to sleep every night with it under my back. It has an auto shut off after like 20 minutes or so. It was a life saver!

  3. Don't they make maternity underwear? I know back in the 90's when I was first pregnant they made some by Luvpats that grew with you.

    Hope your back feels better soon.

  4. Oh my gosh,that is too funny!

  5. I had really bad back pain, sitting on a exercise ball helped me and at work I had a pillow behind my back. I remember like it was yesterday that all of sudden my legs and butt got bigger. It's all for a good cause though! Cute belly pic!

  6. Maybe that's why some men prefer boxers over briefs. Haha! Funny story! Anyways, many people said that getting chiropractic care during pregnancy helps the mother during labor, helping your pelvic area be more adaptive when the baby comes out. It’s a good thing that you had your appointment as early as now, but I think you need to switch chiropractors. Haha!

    Dorsey Marvin

  7. This is a really funny story! I never thought someone could cut their own panties off! Ha-ha! Isn't there underwear especially made for pregnant women? I think you should buy some soon, so you won't have to cut another one off. About the chiropractic care, I heard that during pregnancy it helps mothers' pelvic area to adjust to the growth of the baby. So, it really will be of great advantage if you start now.

    Willow Laflamme

  8. Hahaha! How are you doing right now? So, lesson learned here is to always buy appropriate underwear, right? Anyways, you're a pregnant woman and everything is understandable, but of course don't make it a habit! Haha! It's a good thing that you're seeing a chiropractor because it'll help you during your labor and delivery. Actually, you can keep on seeing your chiropractor even after your pregnancy. They can still help you with other things like your posture and bone alignment. Have a safe pregnancy! :)

    Gwen Knight

  9. I agree that men's boxers have got to be more comfortable than granny panties. This post cracked me up. But to the serious point, my wife is pregnant also. Would you recommend sending her to the chiropractors. Anchorage, AK has some that are highly recommended. Just wanted a second opinion first.

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