Saturday, February 2, 2013

24 Weeks and Bumpdate

How many weeks:
24 Weeks

How big is Ellie:
The size of a canteloupe

Maternity Clothes:
I wear my maternity support band until late afternoon when my skin can't stand it anymore.  (It makes me itch)  Anything tight on my tummy is starting to bother me.  I would wear leggings each and every day if I could!

Weight Gain Alert!
148 lbs
Gained This Week: 2 lbs
Total Weight Gain:  25 lbs

Ellie still doesn't like other people to try and feel her kick.  She kicks all over the place now, but they're still soft sweet kicks.  I'm not looking forward to her punching me in the ribs!

Food Cravings:
Oreos- I cannot live without them!  I'm at least trying to keep my consumption of them in check.  Ellie must like chocolate.

Food Aversions:
Fast Food and anything that makes my acid reflux worse. 

My Current Eating Pattern:
I still love to start my morning off with juice!  I have my usual snacks and eat lunch around the same time if we're not too busy at work.  I haven't been eating an afternoon snack, but drinking a Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper instead.  I'm no longer able to eat as much as I was before and maybe that's a good thing.  I do feel terrible when I eat too much and I get out of breath!

backache,OILY HAIR, indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, weepiness, clumsiness, pregnancy brain, varicose veins, fatigue, frequent urination, thirsty, Linea Nigra, leukorrhea, leaky bladder, outie belly button depending on where Ellie's positioned, vision changes, swolen ankles after a long day
My appetite is tapering off and I'm not able to eat as much as I have been.  I guess my tummy's running out of room.

Brandon traveled some this week and I didn't sleep well when he was gone.  I still wake up before my alarm most mornings because I have to go to the potty.  Once I wake up my back aches and it takes me a few minutes to get up.

Stretch Marks:
Still none, but the linea nigra has appeared.

What do I miss:
Not feeling terrified every time I cough or sneeze--catch my drift?  My bladder is taking a beating and I cough and sneeze with extreme caution now.

Best moment of the week:
Seeing Brandon on Thursday evening.  His schedule was so busy and I missed him so much.  I wonder if I miss him more because Ellie misses him too?  I'm looking forward to spending some time with him this weekend!

Also my sweet friend Toni is currently pregnant!  Hoping and praying that her pregnancy will continue to thrive!

Worst moment of the week:
Struggling with acid reflux.  It seems to relax after lunchtime, but I'm eating Tums and Rolaids, chewing gum, and drinking a lot of water to try and keep it at bay.

What am I looking forward to:
Time keeps moving by so quickly.  I still have so much to do and cannot believe that it's now February.  I cannot help but look forward to May to welcome our daughter into the world!

Being able to balance stuff on my belly seems like a milestone in itself.  Also, seeing the linea nigra appear has been neat.  I was nervous about it showing up at first, but the line is very light and not too noticeable.

"Ellie is gaining around six ounces per week now.  Much of the weight comes from accumulation baby fat, as well as from growing bones, organs, and muscles.  Her ears are getting sharper and can hear loud sounds.  Her face is now almost fully formed, complete with eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair.  Her hair on her is still white since there's no pigment yet."
from What to Expect When You're Expecting


These pictures were taken before my complete meltdown over the dryer shrinking one of my favorite maternity shirts. To say that I'm emotional is an understatement!


  1. Yay! 24 weeks. Hope your acid reflux settles down.. And the sneezing ;-)

  2. Your belly is so adorable! I love that it is all round and full. Giving Ellie some room to move around.


  3. You look so cute! Who doesn't love oreos?? I had to resist buying them at the store the other day.

  4. Oreos, yum. I have a friend that eats them like cereal. In a bowl with milk poured over them.


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