Thursday, January 31, 2013

Linea Nigra, Balancing Tummy, and Awkward Belly Pictures

Be warned, there are many pictures of my pregnant stomach in this post.  Please know that everything I write here is to provide hope to other women who have struggled with infertility AND to have everything possible documented about my pregnancy.  Who knows if we'll ever be able to have another child, and I want to remember every moment of it.

I noticed Tuesday evening that I've developed the Linea Nigra line on my tummy.  It's not very noticeable but  it's definitely there.

Do you like what I've done with my belly button?  Haha!  It is either an innie or an outie during the day depending on where Ellie's laying.
Excuse my messy bathroom mirror.
I've been cleaning house when I have time, but I use Windex so much at work that I have to force myself to use it when I'm at home!
In other tummy related news, I can now balance items on my bump while sitting.  This is quite an accomplishment!
That's my Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper resting on Ellie's bump yesterday.  I was one proud lady to have my drink set there without moving!  Of course, my Mom said that Ellie will soon kicking items off  the bump.
I post bump pictures each week, but I haven't shown a close-up of my tattoo.  I think it still looks great, even though so many people told me it would look terrible.  They obviously had no idea why I have the word "Hope" stamped above my infertility surgery scars.
As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more
The size of the tattoo (and scars) have grown but it still looks nice.  I can always have it touched up after I'm healed from pregnancy and no longer breast feeding.  This tattoo is so symbolic of me and I will never regret having it permanently sealed on my body.

I cannot believe that I just posted so many pictures of my tummy.  I hope that Ellie looks back at this one day and knows how much hope and joy she brought to our lives before she was even born.


  1. I love your naked belly shots! I also giggled when I saw your not quite in or out belly button :)

  2. I love the belly and love that you're documenting every minute :) you will love looking back at these pics when you're almost at 40 weeks and thinking...I never thought I'd get THIS big hahaha! That's where I am now and I just smile knowing that something amazing comes from something that looks so funny sometimes ;)

  3. Think you are going to make me cry. Just beautiful how you kept hope through it all.

  4. Looks great! My linea negra just faded from my daughter, and she is 3! I was actually kinda sad!

  5. It is quite a feat when you can balance a drink on your belly!

  6. Looks great, I can still see my linea negra. Congrats on you baby girl!!!!

  7. Adorable. I love all the belly pictures and updates! :)

  8. Wow! Those are dramatic pics! I love your bump, and the tattoo above your scar is just so fitting of the struggle. You deserve to enjoy and document every bit of this pregnancy, it's such an amazing thing to experience :-)


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As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.
Psalm 71:14