Saturday, May 11, 2013

38 Weeks and Bumpdate

How many weeks:
38 Weeks

How big is Ellie:
The size of a pumpkin.

Maternity Clothes:
I have one dress from my summer wardrobe that I was able to wear this week.  Other than that, it's all maternity mixed in with some XL t-shirts and leggings when I'm in the house.

Weight Gain Alert!
162 lbs
Gained this week:  0 lbs
Total weight gain:  39 lbs


Food Cravings:
I drink a LOT of water throughout the day and want to eat fruit mostly.  Since the belly dropped, I have more room to eat larger meals but I'm not that hungry anymore except for at dinner time

Food Aversions:
Fried food seems disgusting.

My Current Eating Pattern:
It's been difficult for me to eat during the day.  Nausea has made me feel all but miserable when it comes to food during the day.  I drink a lot of water and Ginger Ale and snack.

NESTING, a little bit more energy mixed with FATIGUE, sciatic pain, frequent urination, some fatigue after moving about, carpal tunnel syndrome, acid reflux, indigestion after meals, pregnancy brain, clumsiness, loss of balance, emotional, weepiness, potty mouth, tender and growing belly, occasional breast tenderness, leakage of colustrum, sense of confusion at times, vision changes, swollen feet and hands, awesome hair!, long nails!, "pregnancy glow"

I've actually been sleeping a little bit better as far as pain in concerned.  I still get up to go to the potty frequently, but I'm usually able to go back to sleep quickly.

What do I miss:
I do miss having energy for small everyday tasks.

Best moment of the week:
Getting everything organized and put away for our baby girl, and having help from Kate with the process

Worst moment of the week:
This weird nausea that I have each morning.  I didn't have morning sickness in the first trimester so this is all new to me!
Not progressing at our second cervical check.  I'm so ready to meet our daughter!

What am I looking forward to:
Meeting Elliana Joy Boyington for the first time and celebrating my first Mother's Day.

We're now TWO WEEKS away from our estimated due date.  We've made it through this pregnancy without any major issues and I am grateful for that.

"Ellie isn't so little anymore and is most likely weighing close to seven pounds and measuring around 20 inches in length.  Her fetal development is nearly complete as she's shedding her vernix and lanugo.  Ellie's also producing MORE surfactant, which prevents the air sacs in her lungs from sticking to one another once she starts breathing.  Most changes in her development are now small, but still very important!  She's still adding fat and fine-tuning her brain and nervous system."
from What to Expect When You're Expecting



  1. Looking amazing as always and congrats on 38 weeks! It's good that you've been able to sleep better lately, hoping that continues for you.

  2. I am sorry your cervical check was a bust. I am in the same boat! I was having so many cramps and pain this past week that I thought for sure I was making progress. I went to the OB on Friday and he graciously said "looks like I will be seeing you next week". Damn! I am still at zero station and "effaced a little" (I didn't ask for a number). I am so so so grateful that IVF worked and I feel bad complaining somethings, but I am over being pregnant :) I am ready to meet this baby already! Sending good vibes your way that you make progress this week! Stay strong....and sane :)

  3. Hi Courtney,WOW,what a BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS and MAJESTIC baby belly you had at 38 weeks!!!And,I hope you won't mind me saying this,but you also had a cute little outie bellybutton which to me is just like icing on the cake because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE outies on pregnant bellies!!!!!!!!!!!


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