Saturday, May 18, 2013

39 Weeks and Bumpdate

How many weeks:
39 Weeks
This could very well be our last Bumpdate!

How big is Ellie:
The size of a watermelon

Maternity Clothes:
My shorts all fit as long as they have elastic and stay up under my belly.  My bathing suit bottoms also still fit and I've been trying to get a little bit of sun before d-day.

Weight Gain Alert!
161 lbs
Gained this week:  38 lbs
Total weight gain:  0 lbs (I actually lost weight since last week)

Sometimes it feels like she's trying to beat me up in there.  My entire belly moves when she's flailing around.  It amazes Brandon at how strong she is.  If I had to stay pregnant much longer I think she'd break one of my ribs!

Food Cravings:
Ice, Ginger Ale, and Popsicles

Food Aversions:
I don't really want to eat much at all now.  I battle nausea throughout the day and am only able to function by drinking lots of fluids and the occasional Zofran pill.

My Current Eating Pattern:
Not eating much these days, but I try to make it count when I am able to eat.

Lost mucus plug!, BH Contractions, super EMOTIONAL, low belly, frequent urination, fatigue, NESTING, carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen hands and feet, cankles, anxiety about baby coming soon, excitement, quick to get angry, loss of appetite, constipation, busy feeling, boredom when I'm home

I would get more sleep if I didn't frequent the potty so much!  When I do get up it takes me much longer to sit up and make it to the bathroom.  If Ellie's been asleep she snuggles up on whichever side I've been laying on.  My belly aches a lot at night, but I'm still able to go to sleep.

What do I miss:
Nothing now.  I'm so excited to meet our daughter soon, and I want to try and enjoy the last days of being pregnant (which is easier said than done).

Best moment of the week:
Finding out that we made some progress at our cervical check and making it through the sweeping of my membranes like a boss!  I also lost my mucus plug and know that labor could happen soon on it's own!!

Worst moment of the week:
I had some emotional days, but I'm hoping they're behind me now.

What am I looking forward to:
More contractions to get Miss Ellie here!  We've moved up our next doctor's appointment to Monday and will schedule an induction from there if I'm not already in labor on my own.

We're 39 weeks pregnant and it's now a completely safe time for our baby girl to be born!

"Ellie weighs around seven to eight pounds now and could measure 19 to 21 inches.  Her measurements won't change much from now, but her brain is still growing and will continue until she's around three years old.  Ellie's pink skin is now more white and her head has dropped into my pelvis making it easier for me to breathe!"
from What to Expect When You're Expecting



  1. LOL your shirt no longer covers your belly! I bet you can't wait to deliver. Wishing you all the best for an easy delivery.

  2. So excited for you! You are so close to the end :) I am not online much since my daughter was born so incase I miss the big event, I am wishing you the best of luck with labor and delivery!!! Take lots of pictures because you will definitely want to look back and remember it :)

  3. I can't wait to see your Ellie in the world update. My due dates tomorrow yet my bub has been here two weeks today. You just can't believe that THAT came from inside YOU! Hehe. I hope your birth goes really well and you days afterwards are joyful and relatively easy! All the best xx


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