Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elliana: 1 Week Old

How old is Elliana:
1 Week

How does Mom feel:
Tired! Labor and delivery took a lot out of me, but I'm on the mend. I am still struggling with bladder control but it gets easier every day. Breast feeding is not that bad really and I love how great I sleep afterward.  I had no idea about the hot flashes!  There's so much that you cannot prepare for.  I just thought I had hot flashes while I was on fertility medications, but these are super intense--Like wake up soaking wet intense!  Ellie's first six days were hard for me.  Once you read my birth story you will understand.  I have been through one hell of a recovery after our vaginal delivery.  I'm completely amazed to be sitting at my computer right now typing this blog post.  God is good.

How does Dad feel:
He's a little tired from everything but is good.  He says that he is just happy.

Sleep for Mom:
I've taken care of baby girl on my own for the past two nights. I couldn't do it if I hadn't rested and healed so much over the past week.  I'm taking at least two naps with baby girl during the day.

Sleep for Dad:
Brandon is able to sleep well because Ellie only cries when I change her diaper at night. He deserves the rest for taking care of his girls this past week.  We have had some sleep walking incidents where Brandon was not truly awake but conversing with me.  It's funny because he still helps but has no recollection of it later.

Sleep for Elliana:
She's a great sleeper! She falls asleep at my boob often and I have to aggravate her to wake up.

Upcoming Appointments:
June 24- 1 month appointment and vaccinations.

Funny Moments:
Ellie can clear a room with her gas! Daddy is jealous that he's been dethroned as the gassiest member of the house.


Pre-pregnancy Weight:  123 lbs
Full Term Pregnancy Weight:  162 lbs
Today's Weight:  145 lbs
17 lbs lost!
Ellie says Hi!

Daddy loves his sweet baby!

I don't have many pictures of Ellie and I together yet.  In the hospital I felt terrible and look absolutely awful in all of my pictures.  This is the first picture of me standing up right with a smile on my face.

My Postpartum Belly


  1. Um you look amazing! I am so happy things are becoming more manageable daily. I'm sure if you decide to share your birth story, people will get a real understanding of what you have been through and still struggling with.Keep healing!

  2. You are looking so great! Ellie is SO cute!

  3. Glad everything is going well! Enjoy your little girl!

  4. Love all the pictures, please keep them coming as you are able. I don't have any pictures of Reagan and I in the hospital and it makes me so sad. I'm so glad breastfeeding is going so good for you.


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