Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother Daughter Banquet 2013

It's amazing what a difference a year makes.  My new cycle began with the Mother Daughter Banquet last year that prepared us for IVF.  I had my reservations about attending and hosting a table, but moved forward with the event and had a great time.  It was that night that helped me open up even more at church and become more involved.

This event sponsored by the JULIETs (Jesus Unifying Ladies in the Eternal Truth) of the church helps raise money for the STEPs baby shower, Father's Day Fiesta, Women's Retreat, Beautiful Youth Trip, and 3rd Grade Princess Dinner.

This year is so exciting as we're anticipating Elliana's arrival.  Mom, Beth, Gran, and Granny attended with me this year.  (Next year Elliana will have her own place setting!).

We host tables each year with the theme of our choice.  I decided to make Elliana the theme and named my table "Elliegance."  My decor was simple with a pink table cloth, my parent's wedding china, monogrammed silverware, tall stemmed glasses, and gifts for my guests for Mother's Day.

Our welcome table with name tags, coloring books for the little girls, and voting slips for the tables
Eleanna with her table guests.  She and her Mother do such a great job preparing all of their (6-8) tables each year!  I just hope to be planning my table themes in the coming years with Miss Ellie.

The men in the church served at the banquet this year.  Last year there was mass chaos with the table hostesses getting drinks for each table, and there was a long line at the service buffet.  We all enjoyed being waited on by the men in our lives.  Both Brandon and Daddy served.  Everyone was so tickled at my Dad asking if he had been a waiter growing up.  He had plates lined up his arms!

Daddy beside the Christmas themed table

Brandon in the kitchen with a scary smile
The men did a fabulous job serving and even made an assembly line to make our desserts

I don't even have words
On the day before the event, the photographer let Eleanna know that she couldn't make it.  We were both stressed out and upset at the thought of not having someone taking pictures during the event.  I texted Randal and she was more than willing to photograph the evening for us.

I'm pretty sure she took around 800 pictures of the evening!
Myself and Momma
I think the resemblance here is unreal and our hair is the exact same color now!!

Beth, Myself, and Momma
I absolutely love my little sister.  She's finally the age where we can talk and do fun stuff together.  She's so helpful since I'm so big, and I just know she's going to be great with the baby.  Ellie will love her Aunt Roo since they'll be closer together in age than her other aunts and uncles.

Brandon with Nesia

Me with Nesia
Her dress was so cute!
Granny had never been to our church before.  She was overwhelmed with the kindness from all of the women.  She's currently trying to sell her house to move to Calera.  There's no doubt where she'll be attending church once she moves.

With Katherine!

The banquet is my favorite event that we have each year at church.  This was my second year to participate and I plan on being at each and every banquet in the future!  Every year will become more memorable with my precious daughter present, making this event a tradition for my family.


  1. I have always enjoyed the banquets at my church as well. It is such a great time. Plus seeing all the different themes people come up with is nice too. Y'all did a wonderful job!

  2. Never been to a church banquet. My church never held one.

  3. Pretty helpful information on the mother daughter banquet and hope you had a great party. Last month, booked an exquisite LA venue for arranging a tea party. It was a good party and we all enjoyed very much at this event.


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