Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8th Appointment and Cervical Check

Our cervical check was a little bit disappointing.  Since last week I've made no progress.  I was just sure that I'd have moved along with effacement and dilation but nothing.
Fingertip / 60% / -4

The results from my Group B Strep were negative so I will NOT require antibiotics at birth.  My blood pressure is still great, and I have no swelling issues.

I know that she will come when she's ready, but the anticipation is building now.  Everyone said that the last month of pregnancy would drag.  Well, I've stayed so busy that it hasn't until.  The days still pass quickly, but I am eager to hold my precious daughter in my arms.


  1. We really made no progress from week to week either. It was very frustrating. The only thing I will say is that Daniel being a bigger baby (and being a week late!) was WONDERFUL. He slept 2-3 hour stretches from the day we brought him home :)


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