Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog turned Diary?

In these past weeks I feel like I look to my blog as a place to record what I'm doing each day.  My mind has become so overwhelmed that if I don't write things down I forget them.  Who knows if I'll ever be pregnant again, so I want to make sure and remember all of the details!

I actually slept well last night but the same can NOT be said for today.  It's 3:30 am and I've been awake for around an hour now.  Again, it's so cool to have another pregnant friend alongside me who is always awake when I am!  (Hi Tiff!)

I've recently been struck with cleaning ADHD.  I don't ever know where to start.  It's like I have to confine myself into a room and focus on small tasks.  If I walk away to get something else I start cleaning another room.  Bending over to grab anything off the floor is near impossible and takes so much time and effort that I then need a break!

I was able to clean my bathroom and set out outfits for us to wear on Saturday for our maternity photos with Shannon.  I also worked more on packing our bag for the hospital and am happy to have ALL of our toiletry items ready.  All socks, underwear, and pajamas are also in the bag.  I found something nice and comfortable for us to both wear home from the hospital but still need to throw in some stuff for me to wear (other than the un-flattering hospital gown).

I've got to finish my pregnancy scrapbook or at least stay caught up so I had my belly pictures printed along with the photos from the baby shower.  I'm hoping to have some down time next week to catch myself back up.  Of course, in printing the pictures, the photo center in Calera was temporarily unavailable so I had to go to Alabaster.  A simple trip that would usually take no time at all was much more involved with me rushing through WalMart and then Dollar Tree to get home in time to help Tiff watch O.

Once O was here, she helped me get laundry started, changed the sheets on the bed, made her Mommy a card, and helped me get started on my Mother's Day gifts.  It's amazing how much energy small children have and how eager they are to help you when you're not their own mother.  I've decided that Tiff and I will trade children when we need stuff done around the house!

Brandon had been all over Birmingham throughout the day, but we decided to go back to Alabaster to go to Old Navy to buy him some shorts for the summer.  I didn't buy any clothes for myself because the one dress I wanted wan't maternity and it looked awful on me.  :(  Maybe I can get it after Elliana is born.  I did leave with a pair of sunglasses since Nesia broke mine weeks ago.

We stopped by the jewelry store to see the girls and then ate dinner at Moe's.  It's funny how I normally cannot stand Moe's but it was good last night.  We got home and I took a hot bath until I got sleepy and then B helped me out to go to bed.  Now I'm here, up early on this first day of May.

It's my Granny's birthday and my daughter's birth month.  Life is good.


Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate your comments and support on our journey.

As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.
Psalm 71:14