Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another great day

This week has been great for me.  =)  I just thought I would let you know!!

I am already having cramping, and my temperature dropped this morning.  I can feel AF on her way!  It is super strange to be excited about that, but it means that I am moving forward.  I have not had a chance to be nervous about my scheduling appointment tomorrow.  I am afraid that Brandon will not be able to go.  I hate going to appointments without him, but he may have to be at work.  He put in his 2 weeks notice and does not need to "take off" during his last week there.  On the other hand, I need him there with me asking questions.  I am praying that it works out that he can leave and be at the appointment with me.  =)

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  1. Here from ICLW! Well I love it when I get to finally go to the next step, so I know what you mean about being happy AF is coming. :) Hopefully he can go with you to the appointment and all goes well!


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