Friday, January 6, 2012

Updates on Labs from the Week

It took me a couple of days to post, but here are my labs from the week:
  • Immune to Rubella
  • Immune to Chicken Pox
  • HCG was negative (we already knew that! haha )
  • Vitamin D Level:  46 (which is normal)
  • TSH (0.90) was normal
  • Prolactin was normal
All of my labs came back normal!  They called Brandon yesterday and his blood work results were normal as well.  His Semen Analysis was a slightly different story.  We were given the results before leaving the appointment on Tuesday. SA results are difficult to understand, so I put my comments about the numbers in parentheses.
  • Volume:  2.25 ml (ok)
  • Total Motility:  51%  (not bad at all)
  • Progressive Motility:  33%  (ok)
  • Morphology:  3% (Normal Strict) (not so great)
  • Total Sperm Number/Specimen:  4.5 (not good =/ )
  • Total Motile Sperm/Specimen:  2.3 (ick)
Under the comments Section:  Only 2 normal sperm observed out of 62 total.  Moprhological evaluation for 5 minutes due to low concentration.  Majority of abnormal morphology= multiple defects.  Dr. Allemand recommended that Brandon begin taking a multivitamin blended for men with fertility issues.  They gave us a month's supply.  =)

On Wednesday, the Embryologist called me regarding Brandon's Frozen Sperm at UAB.  We will actually have to transport our frozen swimmers to Brookwood ourselves!  I told Brandon that I wouldn't be able to help in that venture.  That would be too nerve racking for me!  He agreed and said that he will take care of that situation.  On the down side, that's another $650 for ART to house our Frozen Swimmers.  =(  We just paid $400 back in November to start the banking process.  I will not complain too much, because God has been so good to provide for us during this journey.  Every time I've started to worry about the finances of the situation, I've prayed and God responded. 


  1. Glad your labs turned out well. Max has been on the multivitamin and in 4 months all of his numbers were in the normal range, just in time for the first IUI.

    Dr. Honea is our doctor, but we are normally in the Montgomery office. We only go to Birmingham if we need something on the weekend (or for my d&c which Dr. Long actually did).

  2. Glad all the results came back pretty good. ICSI can fix the sperm issue, they also can do IMSI (they use a high powered microscope to pick out the better looking sperm) it does cost a little more but not much. Good idea on the freezing the sperm we really need to do that too.

  3. I'm glad the bloodwork came back great, and it sounds like ICSI and the vitamins can help with the sperm issue as well. Fingers crossed for better results on the next round!


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