Monday, January 23, 2012


Yesterday started IComLeavWe:  International Comment Leaving Week.  Let me know that you're out there reading my blog!! 

Here's a link to all of my fellow bloggers participating! 

The weekend was nice.  On Saturday after work, all of the girls went out to dinner.  Brandon and I then went to see Underworld with River, and then went out to Iron Horse to have a few drinks.  It was great!

At church yesterday, Joy told her miracle story about her precious Nesia.  Joy had an endometrial ablation performed and still got pregnant afterwards.  She was told that she would miscarry Nesia.  God planned otherwise.  She was told her life would be in jeopardy after Nesia's birth.  Again, God planned otherwise.  Nesia was baptized yesterday.  She is truly a miracle child of God. 

I cannot remember if I had posted yet, but Brandon got a new job.   We are both so excited.  I had to keep it quiet until we received the official offer letter and turned in his notice.  He will be traveling with this new job, but he will be much happier!  This job will also allow more opportunities for us in our fertility struggle.

My appointment with Dr. Allemand is Thursday.  I cannot wait to sit down and discuss the plan of action on how he is going to perform the surgery.  Also, I am ready to schedule a date for the procedure!!  I am not as nervous about the surgery as I was back in September.  I feel like a pro now!  I can only pray that this will be the last surgery I endure before continuing the fertility process.

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  1. I hope your appointment tomorrow with your doctor goes well. Having surgery is stressful.

    Hope it all goes well!

    ICLW (Suzy, Bloggers for Hope)


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