Thursday, January 19, 2012

God is Great

After work last night I went to church.  I had called the pastor ahead of time telling him that I needed to talk.  I was introduced to Eleanna and Joy.  Both of those women went through extreme circumstances to have their children.  I was blown away by their stories.  I got to hold precious Nesia, who is living proof that miracles still happen each day.

In a previous post, I could not find the "silver lining" in my situation, but I have now.  I met two more amazing and incredible women of God who are mothers.  Hearing Nesia's story and holding in her arms, I could feel God's loving arms around me.  Holding that sweet and tiny baby in my arms gave me a peace.

Yes, I will still go to the appointment next week and plan on having surgery as soon as possible.  It will take time for my body to recover afterwards, and I think that will be great for both Brandon and myself.  Right now we need to be focused on the Father and taking care of ourselves.  I'm letting go and letting God take care of this situation.  I am going to take the medications that the doctor prescribed for my anxiety and hope that it will not be a permanent situation.  I am supposed to see them again next week so see how I am coping.  I'm much better today, and haven't even cried yet. =)  It's amazing what the power of prayer can do.

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Psalm 71:14