Saturday, January 7, 2012

More viewers

I have decided to expand and invite more people to read my blog.  I made a Facebook page and have invited people that I know in real life to start reading

I have been struggling with the decision of whether to make my blog private.  Once I have decided, I will post my decision here and on Facebook.  If I do make my blog private, you will only need to provide your email address to me, and I will add you as a reader.  I do not intend to offend anyone with the graphic nature of my posts.  Infertility has always been a hushed subject and I do now know why.  Since I have been battling with Infertility, I have found that many of my friends and family struggled with the same things.  I don't think that anyone should have to walk this road alone.  So, with that being said, if you do feel that any of my posts and/or comments are too graphic or just too much for you to read...I suggest that you stop following.  As we embark on another IUI cycle and possibly IVF, the posts are going to become more and more descriptive. =)

To my loyal readers and fellow infertiles:  Thank you for your support. I write this for US.



  1. I don't think anything you've posted is graphic at all. I don't always UNDERSTAND what you're talking about, but there's nothing to be offended over.

  2. Oh Courtney, no need to worry! The people following your blog CHOOSE to do so. I went away on Christmas holiday (OK and new year's too!) and tonight when I started reading up on any missed posts I get this notification of shocking adult contents. I was like 'WTF?! For real? C's blog?!' and clicked AGREE quickly. Now I get it. Let me tell you girl, there are far 'more graphic' blogs to find about IF so please don't worry. Your energy should be targetted elsewhere. I like following your blog. You ROCK. Blogs like yours is what keeps a lot of IFers going.


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