Friday, June 22, 2012

2 days post Retrieval

I am exhausted.  I feel like I just had another abdominal surgery.  When I woke up this morning I felt terrible.  I was flushed and lightheaded.  While I was in the shower I had to make the water cooler because I thought I was going to pass out.  Brandon fixed me a glass of gatorade and I've started feeling better (I'm on my second glass now).  Maybe I was dehydrated?  I feel better at the moment, and my head doesn't feel as clouded.  Also, my stomach is HUGE.  I may take a belly picture today to prove it.  I'm super bloated and it hurts to even touch my tummy.  I cannot cough or sneeze because it hurts so much!  I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not supergirl.  The pile of laundry has been mocking me, but I can't stay bent over long enough to separate it.  I am wanting to keep my usual morning routine, but can't. (For those of you who know me, I usually get all laundry and picking up done before going to work).

I'm going to do my best to stay at work until 2pm today.  Brandon's running around this morning, so Dad's going to take me in.  I had to take another Demerol so I decided against driving.  It doesn't make me feel weird or anything, but I'm terrified that I could pass out or something while behind the wheel. 

Last night's Progesterone in Oil injection went much better than expected.  Brandon had been worried because the needle is so long.  I laid across the bed, he prayed over me, and then stuck me in the tush.  B said there was a lot of resistance pushing the medicine in, but I didn't feel it.  He rubbed it for a few minutes to make sure the the medicine didn't stay in one spot.  It was funny laying there with my B rubbing my butt!  My hiney is a little sore today where he stuck me, but it's nothing like what I had expected.  I'm sure it will get worse over time, since we have to do the injection each night.  I've heard from all of the pros to switch up cheeks! HeeHee!

In other news, my precious nephew is three years old today.  He himself is an IVF miracle!  Happy Birthday, Bryson.  Uncle B and CourtCourt love you so much!
source Attain Fertility on Pinterest
God has been good to us.  At the moment, Brandon and I are the proud parents to nine embryos, two surrogate daughters, and our two dogs.  We would not be sitting here about to transfer any embryos if it was not a part of God's plan.  For any of you ladies going through IVF, I implore you to make God a part of it.  We have prayed over all of our injections and it has made such a difference.  We were lucky to have a Godly example of including Christ in your fertility journey from Brandon's brother and sister-in-law.  We have never felt alone in our struggle, because God has placed so many encouraging people in our lives.  I was mad at God for a while when we first had trouble conceiving.  It was so hard to see others around us getting pregnant so easily.  I know that God didn't want to cause me pain, but He knew that we wouldn't give up.  He has made our marriage stronger.  I know that I would not have such peace as I do know if we hadn't put God first in our fertility journey.  For all of the women reading this who are struggling to have a baby, I am praying for you and your husbands.  I am also praying that you can find peace wherever you are in your pathway to parenthood.


  1. Like you said, you are not superwoman so take things easily and dont over do it. Having all of those eggs aspirated takes a lot out of you. I cant wait to hear how the embies are doing. Good luck!

  2. Thinking of you both, praying for your daily... We're out of town till Sunday night without internet access, so I will have to wait till Monday to see how things go! Want us to bring dinner Monday after your procedure? <3

  3. Praying for all of you. I completely agree - my infertility journey strengthened my marriage and brought me closer with God.

  4. Make sure you keep your doctor updated and keep an eye out for ohss...thinking of you and hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. The PIO injections aren't that bad. I've done them every night for 2 months now and we are heading into our last week. :) I only had about a week (maybe 2 weeks in) where I had a lot of pain. It wasn't in the injection site though, but more my lower hips. I think the oil was settling in and causing the pain. Lots of time on the heating pad and massaging helped it to completely absorb and now it's only occasional that I have that pain (and I immediately hop on the heating pad to prevent it from getting worse). Praying for you this weekend! :)

  6. Hi! I'm Alexis here from ICLW! Sending you lots of luck!


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