Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 5 Follicle Check

We had our first ultrasound/follicle check today. To say that I'm progressing well is an understatement!  We have 12 follicles on one ovary and 16 on the other.  The measurements were crazy awesome!  Some of the numbers I remember were all around 2.0cm, 1.8cm, and 1.6cm.  My lining looked great and was triple stripe!

I am still awaiting more specifics about my blood work from Janet.
I will update as soon as I know more information!

This is how we roll at the fertility clinic...


Our anniversary was lovely!

Brandon made me breakfast yesterday morning and drove me to work.  We went to dinner at Joe's Italian with Rachel, Clint, Jennifer, and Dad last night.  When they brought dessert, everyone sang happy anniversary to the tune of "Happy Birthday".  It was perfect!

Our marriage may not be perfect, but you won't get any complaints out of us!  Here a few pictures from the evening, courtesy of Jen!
A candid of us while they were singing

Posed shot

Our fabulous dessert

With my best friend


  1. Very nice follicle count! Cant wait to see what your E2 levels are. Dessert looks yummy!

  2. Congratulations, on it all! I have a lot of hope that this will be your lucky cycle. Fingers crossed!

  3. Great news on the count!

  4. Wonderful news thus far! Hope things keep getting better and better.

  5. What a great follicle count! Sounds like things are going well. Best Wishes!!!!

  6. Great news so far! And great photos of you two! =) Keep us posted. I'm excited for continued good news from you! =)

  7. Hi Courtney, talked to your dad today and he told me the good news about you, and I'm sure the news will only get better and better. I have had you on our Sunday School Prayer list for months and I must tell you we have some wonderful prayer warriors in our class! I'll ask them to pray EXTRA for you in the next few weeks and months. Love you and will pray deligently for you during this procedure. RS


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