Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Days Post Retrieval

I'm trying to feel better today. My tummy is still sore and swolen. OHSS sucks! I feel great as long as I'm stationary. Also, I've never been so hydrated in my entire life! I've been switching up between Gatorade, V8 Splash, and water all morning. The embryologist called us at 7:45 this morning. Our 9 embryos still look great. =) Over half of them are 9-cell and 8-cell today. They will leave them along tomorrow and we'll get another report before the transfer Monday morning. Hearing the news about my precious embryos has made me feel much better. For now, I think I'll be fine for the transfer on Monday. All of this discomfort is simply temporary.


  1. Best wishes with your transfer Monday - glad to hear your 9 embies are doing well! :-)

  2. This whole process is pretty traumatic to our bodies. Looks like you are doing everything possible to deal with the OHSS and within a few days, you will have your little one(s) all snuggled in for the long haul. You're doing great, keep hanging in there.

  3. This makes me sniffly-excited for you!!!! Love and prayers to you both!

  4. Yay for your 9 embryos!!

    Be careful with OHSS. If you want to read up on someone's journey with OHSS head over to She is finally getting better.


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