Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not much to report

I am have completed four days of Lupron and given myself three of the injections.  They are starting to hurt a little more each time. I have noticed that my moods change quickly and I can get angry for no reason.  Every smell is intensified, and my tummy is starting to bother me.  But, for the most part, I feel fine. 

In other news...

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary is on June 13.  That is only 11 days away!  We are planning on going to dinner somewhere that evening.  It's not like we can go out of town or anything on this particular anniversary!  We were attempting an IUI on our anniversary last year when we found out I needed surgery for my uterine septum.  This year IF has claimed yet another anniversary.

In a previous post, I asked y'all to help me pick my anniversary gift.  Everyone loved this pendant. 
taken from Lorenzo Jewelry
I am still waiting on it to arrive at the store.  Strangely enough, I don't have many nice necklaces; I guess I'm more of a ring girl.  Each morning I stress about which rings to wear.  Now I just have to work on finding matching blue topaz earrings and a bracelet.

Brandon has mentioned NOTHING about what he would like for our anniversary.  He never gives me any clues.  He mentions things here and there that he would like, but I usually forget.  I should start a list again!  We don't have a lot of extra cash lying around since we've been spending so much on IVF.  I'm sure that I'll come up with something by June 13th!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hello. I truly think it's so brave of you to share your story. I absolutely hate that you're having to do this long infertility journey. I hope you get your BFP very soon.

  2. Congrats on 4 shots down! For me, it really helped to check off the days. I have my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and that this is your lucky cycle!


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