Friday, June 22, 2012


I made it only a couple of hours at work today. By 12pm I was feeling terrible. The nausea was overwhelming! I called ART and they told me that I had a mild case of OHSS from my estrogen being so high at the time of retrieval. The nurse told me that I needed to be at home on bedrest, drinking lots of fluids with my feet elevated. I got home and slept from 1-6:15pm this afternoon. I feel fine as long as I'm not moving around. They told me that I need to go to the ER at Brookwood if I begin feeling worse. I'm praying that this passes. I do not want to have to be admitted to the ER. I do not want to have to delay my transfer. Please pray that I begin feeling better.

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  1. Hoping this will pass quickly and feeling better for transfer. Ohss sucks!


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