Friday, June 1, 2012

Lupron so far...

I have successfully made it through three days of Lupron. 

Even better, I have given myself the past two injections.  Up until this cycle, I have had limited exposure to injectable fertility drugs.  In the past, Brandon has administered one trigger shot, 8 consecutive days of Menopur, and 5 days of Follistim.  Since he travels so much, I knew that I would have to do a few of the shots alone.  On Wednesday night, B was home with me and watched me draw up the medicine in the syringe and inject myself.  Last night he was at the ball park, and I completed the shot all by myself!  It wasn't too scary, but I do not look forward to injecting stimming medication alone.  Menopur has burned me in the past!

As far as side effects are concerned...
  • Everything smells bad!  (Ben had Milo's at work yesterday and it made me feel gross.)
  • My temper is short and every little thing makes me angry.
  • I'm sleeping GREAT.  The Lupron has me resting better at night than I have in a while.
made by me!
These cards crack me up!  I've been making LOTS of them.  And of course, they're all fertility related. 


  1. That is fantastic news! I have heard stories that Lupron doesnt have horrible side effects for everyone. You are almost to the home stretch!

  2. Great news! Love the someecard! Im going to "steal" it for facebook :)

  3. I would love to see all your cards- that one is hilarious :)

  4. Thanks for the info with the Lupron. I am due to start my injections on Tuesday and I have never done any injections so far so it's good to know what to expect. Great job on being able to inject yourself. I'm terrified I won't be able to give myself the shots.

  5. Just dropping by to wish you LOADS of luck on IVF #1. I'm waiting around getting ready for IVF #2 and I will be following on and praying you get your baby! :)

  6. This card made me laught! Thanks for that! Really praying this is all worth it for you!

  7. Brave brave woman... And yes it's a full moon too. ;)

  8. So funny that you can make your own someecard! I will have to try it - as soon as the inspiration hits ....


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