Friday, March 9, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

Sorry for both of my "debbie downer" posts yesterday.  No, I'm not feeling any better today, but it is a new day.

We had dinner with Liz, Mike, and Hayden last night at BWW.  It's nice to know there's people you can always count on.  Liz has been there for me from the beginning.  I know that she too went through years of grief and stress to have Hayden.  It helped for me to see him last night.  It's impossible to be sad when I see his smiling face and pretty blue eyes!

I knew this journey would be difficult, but I often feel like things always seem to get worse.  I'm there at rock bottom again so to speak.  God is trying to speak to me, but I've been too busy and caught up with myself to listen.  I trust in His plan, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.  We've found a devotional written by April and Eric Motl for couples going through Infertility.  I think I'll go ahead and purchase that today.  I'm tired of feeling swallowed by my pain and sadness.  I'm ready to do something proactive about it.

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  1. We were glad to see you two and help lift your spirits! Mike was worried that seeing Hayden would make you sadder, he knows how hard this is for y'all, too.
    We're here if you ever need anything.


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