Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just because I'm battling Infertility

"Just because I'm battling Infertility doesn't mean that I want to see your baby."

Today was a rough day.  Brandon and I had an intense conversation last night and again today at lunch.  We've made some decisions and have a game plan to move forward.  There's a few things we've discussed that we both prefer to not share here on our blog.  I will still post as much information here that both Brandon and myself find appropriate to share.

My random rant...  An unmarried couple with their 2 week old infant came into the store today.  I typically notice all of the children in the store.  Jen knew that I was having a rough day and didn't even think twice about me not wanting to see the baby.  My boss didn't get it.  He made a big deal about me needing to see the baby.  He actually asked me if I had ever seen a 2 week old baby before.  I'm pretty sure he got the idea that he had pissed me off, but I had no desire to see that child.  The grandmother was with them and returned after leaving to ask when they should pierce the baby girl's ears.  Typical.  Luckily the lady did not hear my muffled response.  =)

I don't mean to sound ugly or bitter.  I just am going through a rough time.  God has the master plan; I know it.  For some reason, we are not supposed to be having a child right now.  I don't know what I'd do without my faith in Him right now.  Maybe this trial is to make me trust God more.  He must be preparing us for something greater.


  1. He IS preparing you for something greater. You can delight in knowing that. Woe to anyone who interferes with that plan!


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