Thursday, March 15, 2012

God is Good & The Big Picture

The past two days have been great.  My friend, K, had another ultrasound on Tuesday.  She was measuring 6w3d.  =)  We got to talk for a while on Tuesday, and she let me throw my pity party.  I cannot express how important it is to have people to talk to when going through IF.  Thankfully I got over my pity party and started to obsess over symptoms with her!

Yesterday I checked my email and had a message from a friend.  We had went to high school together, and ended up attending the same church for a while.  She had stumbled upon my blog, and she too is a fellow infertile.  The world is so strange.  She and I had many of the same specific situations including our uterine abnormalities, Endometriosis, and husbands with less than normal SA.  She shared her struggles with me and told me that they are now expecting.  They underwent IVF at our same clinic!  God is so Good! 

I'm sorry for all of the recent sad posts.  My pity party is over for the time being.  It took a while, but I am beginning to see the big picture.  All of the previous IUI attempts and cancellations have been hard for us, but they all happened for a reason.  He does have a plan.  I've shared my journey so that others could see what we've overcome thus far.  I'm sure that if my HSG doesn't give great results next week I'll be upset, but I will try to see God's hand in the situation.  He gave us this battle because He knew that we wouldn't give up.  He's strengthened our marriage and relationships with those around us.

 "With man, this is impossible, but WITH God, ALL things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

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