Thursday, March 8, 2012

You Think I Would Be Used to Bad News by Now Pt 2

AF has not arrived yet.  Most likely, I will start either late this evening or tomorrow morning.  This would not fit our schedule for the month of March. 

For those of you are unfamilar with protocol for cycling...
  • CD1-3:  bloodwork and baseline ultrasound
  • CD3-?:  Follistim Injections
  • CD8-10:  HSG
  • CD8-10:  ultrasound monitoring 
  • CD12-15:  IUI
 Brandon is traveling the week of March 18-23.  My IUI would fall that week.  I spent some time reading over the lab reports from each of our frozen sperm specimens.  The numbers are disheartening.  It would be pointless to go forward with an IUI only using our frozen sperm.  It would be best for us to have timed intercourse along with the IUI.  Also, I could not imagine going forward with the Insemination with Brandon so far away.  I thought about it all day yesterday, and we both talked about the whole scenario when I got home last night.  It just seems hopeless and pointless to attempt the IUI this month.  Dr. Allemand is only appeasing us with one more IUI, and he told us that if it was him he would move forward with IVF. 

At the moment I am feeling defeated, disappointed, and devastated.  I was looking forward to trying one more cycle this month and it's not going to happen.  It's been so hard for me just recovering from the surgery, and now I'll have to wait again.  I haven't decided if I'll move forward with my HSG this cycle or not.  I know that I must have it to make sure the septum is completely removed from my uterus.  Right now I just don't know if I can handle the stress of the procedure itself. 

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  1. So sorry Courtney. We are struggling with the schedule this cycle too. It's hard to stomach waiting longer and it is impossible to do it alone. Hoping something works out for you!


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