Saturday, January 19, 2013

22 Weeks and Bumpdate

How many weeks:
22 Weeks
*Wrapping up the Fifth Month!*

How big is Ellie:
The size of a papaya
Again, the fruit sizes often make no sense but I just know that she's getting bigger in there!

Maternity Clothes:
Mom gave me 3 new maternity dresses for my birthday, and another friend donated two large bags of maternity items as well.  I now have more pants to wear and some cute tops for Spring.

Weight Gain Alert!
144 lbs
Gained This Week: 4 lbs
Total Weight Gain:  21 lbs

Ellie is extremely active and seems to be following a schedule.  She's the most active after meals kicks around the same time each day.  
She's still shy and doesn't kick on command or when someone puts their hand on my tummy.  She must think it's a game with Daddy when he tries to feel her.  I'm sure that her movement will be much more apparent to others in the coming weeks.

My Current Eating Pattern:
7:45am- 16oz Juice
8:30am- breakfast (either fruit or waffles right now)
9:00am- 16oz Water
11am- 16 oz Water
11:30am- snack time (usually Gardettos's Snack Mix)
12:30-1:30- Lunch
2:30pm- 16oz Water
2:30-3:00pm- Snack (usually a Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie)
3:30-4:30pm- Caffeiene Free Dr. Pepper
6:30-7:30pm- Dinner and Water
8:30pm- Oreos and Milk

Food Cravings:
Oreos and Milk after dinner
Fruit Juice
Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper

Food Aversions:
Fast Food is gross!  
I'm all about cooking dinner at home, and eating soups and dining at sit-down places for lunch while I'm at work.

round ligament pain, frequent urination, increased hunger, increased appetite, weepiness, pregnancy brain, clumsiness, big belly, swolen and tender breasts, acid refulx, heartburn, indigestion, breathlessness, fatigue, belly button changes, changes in surgery scar (it's bigger and deeper feeling), food cravings, realization that we're going to have a baby in 4 short months!

I'm back to waking up at least once during the night to visit the potty.  My back still aches during the night and it's difficult to get comfortable.  Brandon rubs my back before bed most nights, and I'm still sleeping with my body pillow and Batman pillow.

What do I miss:
In all seriousness, underwear that completely covers my big booty.  I've always had a little junk in my trunk, but pregnancy has definitely increased the size of my hiney!

Best moment of the week:
Creating and adding items to our Target baby registry and planning dates for baby showers!  It's again added to the realization that Ellie will be here before we know it.  AND that our house will be covered with her stuff!

Worst moment of the week:
Didn't really have one this week, but the growing pains and round ligament pain aren't much fun.  Thankfully, no one made any dumb comments about my size this week. 

What am I looking forward to:
Our next appointment is on January 22.  I'm excited to see how I'm growing and hear Ellie's precious heartbeat again.  Also, I'm planning to ask about having a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled in the near future.

Wrapping up the fifth month of pregnancy.  It is amazing how quickly time flies!  

"Ellie now has eyebrows, eyelashes, and even some hair on her head."  She perceives light and darkness as well.  She hears my heart beating, tummy gurgling, and whooshing of my blood throughout my body.  Her brain and nerve endings are developing, and she is experimenting with her sense of touch."
from What to Expect When You're Expecting


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