Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ellie updates

I've meant to write each day, but have been doing way too much (around the house) while off from work.

Before we knew her gender, Ellie was already moving around in my belly.  Again, lots of movement but not sure if she was kicking or not.  I was lying in bed on Saturday(12-29-12) night and Ellie kicked!  I placed my hand on my tummy and I was able to feel the kick from the outside too.  I yelled for Brandon to hurry to the bedroom and she did it again!  Since that night, I've been able to feel her a lot more.  (She just kicked me while typing!)  It's so hard to describe.  It's almost like feeling little bubbles in my tummy that pop quickly.  (I know that sounds like gas, but I can definitely tell the difference!)

After finding out her gender on Friday, my friend Liz stopped by with strawberry cupcakes from Edgar's Bakery on Saturday afternoon.
Dad also did some shopping on Saturday, and purchased Ellie two sleepers (one Auburn and one Alabama), a pink piggy/elephant bank, cross for her wall, picture frame with keepsake for her first curl and tooth, and two hairbows.  Below is a picture of the bag.  Of course, I have her stuff tucked away in the closet right now so she doesn't overtake the living room before her arrival.  Plus the bag was just too cute!
For Christmas, my Granny and Pop purchased Ellie her pack and play, high chair, and other bumbo-like chair.  I'm her only grandchild, and she is so excited to have a great-granddaughter.  On Sunday afternoon, Brandon and I decided to put the pack and play together.  It was hilarious!
He did look over the instructions.  I will admit that they did not explain how to lock the sides in place.

Trying to lock the sides in place.  It's supposed to be easy!  LOL

Finished product with the sides safely locked in place
Here is the picture from the website, since I didn't take a good one of it completely put together.

Joy stopped by Sunday evening with a big bag of hand me downs for Ellie.  Nesia wore the cutest outfits and I cannot wait to see my sweet Baby Ellie in the same clothes!  I couldn't wait to go through the bag and was just amazed at some of the cuteness I found.
Ellie's going to look so cute in her pink shoes!
I could keep writing, but I would overwhelm myself.  I'll post more tomorrow about Ellie's room!


  1. Okay you should have posted a picture of the strawberry cupcakes last. I can not focus on anything but those delicious looking sweet treats!

  2. Matt was super frustrated with the pack n play apparently ours didn't have instructions with it. Such cute shoes!

  3. Agrees with Tonisha on the cupcakes. Yummy! Love the baby clothes. I didn't know a pack and play was so difficult to put together.


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