Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RLP and Appointment Today

Round Ligament Pain (RLP) was still yucky yesterday.  I had extra help at work so I was able to rest as much as possible when not helping customers.  The maternity support band is amazing.  I urge all pregnant women, especially those pregnant with multiples to purchase one.  By 4pm I had to take it off because my tummy was itchy, but I wore it most of the day.

This is not one of my most flattering belly pictures, but this is what the maternity support band looks like.  I took this picture Sunday evening when I was feeling my worst.  

We have a routine appointment with Dr. Radbill today, and I plan on talking about the RLP more.  Also, I want to discuss weight gain.  I started gaining weight around 9 weeks, but it was slow and steady.  That cannot be said now.  I'm gaining anywhere from 2-5 lbs per week and my skin feels it.
Stretch marks are not something I'm worried about, but I do use Palmer's Cocoa Butter on my belly every morning before getting dressed.  When I had OHSS and gained 20 lbs in 5 days I had NO stretch marks.  Now my skin feels extremely tight and itches by the end of the day (most likely when I need to reapply lotion).  If Ellie gives me stretch marks I will wear them as badges of honor because I was blessed to carry her.
For today's appointment I am also hoping to plan the sugar test and 3d/4d ultrasound. Brandon and I both want to see what Ellie looks like before she's born.  Plus we miss seeing her on the screen!

Sorry for the boring posts lately.  I have so many things I want to write about, but the RLP has been taking over!


  1. Hi darlin! You look so cute, even with the band. Maybe you're carrying her low and when she moves up you'll feel better? I dunno. Daniel is WAY up in my ribs so I have the opposite kind of pain! But like you said, all of this is an amazing experience, regardless of pain or stretch marks. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Hope the doctor is able to help with some of the pain you are experiencing.

  3. Hoping that the RLP doesn't become unbearable.

  4. Does your pain go away after a sleep. I've been on holidays 7weeks, so have had the luxury of laying down or having a nap when I get sore. Always helps xx

  5. Oh I hear that pain is no fun! I had a co-worker experience that! I hope it goes aways soon!!


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