Monday, January 28, 2013


We started LIFE groups at my church this week.  LIFE means Living in Freedom Everyday.  I'm so excited that both Brandon and I are going through this 12-week study.  My class (of women) meets on Sunday evenings, and his (of men) meets on Wednesdays.

It was so easy to focus on God and have full reliance on Him while we were trying to conceive Ellie.  It's been my experience that it's easy to rely on Him and trust Him when He's all you've got.  During the first trimester we had one scare when I spotted bright red blood for an evening.  I prayed and cried so hard to God to protect my little one.  For the past 18 weeks, our pregnancy has been mostly uneventful.  Because of this, I have not worried about Ellie.  Yes, I have the normal pregnant concerns, but not those of a woman who has also battled infertility.  So many of my fellow sisters who have faced IF and are now pregnant are still filled with concerns and fear (many throughout their pregnancies).  I still label myself as an infertile, but I have not had the same fears while being pregnant with Ellie.  I remember everything I went through to get to where I am now.  Ellie is my miracle and a product of modern medicine.

My hope is that in the next 12 weeks I will redirect my focus on God.  Right now, life is good and I have no true complaints.  I know that can all change in the blink of an eye, but God is in control.  He has provided so much for Brandon and me, and I pray that I will rely on Him for everything when times are good and when times are bad.


  1. Hoping that you can stick to your plans.

  2. I struggle with this too!!! I wish every second day I was desperately dependent on Jesus!!! Not just when I need him most! Hope you enjoy your new study :)

  3. I just read your comment! We don't live far away at all! That's so awesome! I was actually thinking about attending one of our LIFE small groups this semester, but the days do not work. Bummer! What church do y'all attend? Happy Monday :)

  4. I just wanted to say that I am always so impressed by your faith in God and his plan for you and your family. God Bless!


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