Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's in a Name?

Elliana Joy Boyington

aka "Ellie" "Ellie the Sneak" "Ellie in my Belly"

When we were coming up with girl names, I had no ideas.  Little girls spend years dreaming of the perfect wedding, a perfect house, and perfect children with cute little names...  It's like every girl name I had ever liked flew out the window once we were pregnant.  I knew that I wanted Joy to be a part of her name, but that was it.  Brandon didn't have many ideas, and had pretty much said that I could name our daughter, since he would want to name our son (Brayden Scott).

Lying in bed one night, I heard God whisper the name Elliana.  It was beautiful.  I had never met anyone with that name before.  Once I looked it up, I knew that it had to be her name.
The Hebrew meaning of Elliana is "the Lord responded." 
Once I shared the name with Brandon, he loved it.  Of course, I was afraid of what our families would think.  I was afraid no one would like it, but Brandon constantly reminded me that none of that mattered.  He is always so supportive, and he loved the meaning of our daughter's name.  Of course, I have a young step-cousin who I have not seen in ages who is named Lilliana.  Dad and Granny had to keep reminding me of that, but my pregnancy rage/hormones took care of that issue quickly!

The name Joy comes from our friend, Joy.  I first met her a year ago when I learned that I needed another surgery for my uterine septum (after already having one corrective surgery).  She (along with Eleanna) helped console me, listen to me, and share their own stories about their miracle children.  From that day forward, Joy was one of my greatest sources of encouragement.  She helped administer shots during my IVF and FET cycles and also went to appointments with us.  She, her Mom, and Nesia were also with us the day they transferred our two embryos!  So our precious daughter's middle name comes from both Joy and her little girl, Nesia Joy.

For now, we've taken to calling her Ellie.  She's still The Sneak too.  I like calling her Ellie in my Belly because it rhymes.

The Lord responded with Joy.  

She may not have a biblical name or be named after someone in our family, 
but her name could not be any more symbolic to us.  
Ellie will forever be our ray of light
 and beacon of hope 
that God is Good all of the time 
and that He always provides in His timing.



  1. Beautiful post, beautiful name. I love why you chose this name! You're looking quite adorable!!

  2. Love the name you chose for her.

  3. A lovely name! I'm kinda jealous that you found out the gender in your 18th week, and my appointment isn't until week 20. But as they say, patience is a virtue. I think that's so nice of you to honour your friend Joy in such a personal and meaningful way. Ellie Joy is going to be a beautiful little baby!

  4. Our middle name was a given long before Matt and I even had or thought of having kids. Elizabeth is a family name given to the first girl born on my dads side. Reagan was something I had heard and presented it as an option to Matt and he loved it. It fits her perfect. I love the name Elliana it is so adorable and fitting.

  5. The name is beautiful & absolutely perfect!


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